IBF tradition in Strakonice

It was on the confluence of the rivers Volyňka and Otava, in the 13th century, where the Bohemian noble family Bavor built up their residence which later expanded into a mighty castle. In its surroundings the town of Strakonice was arising successively - the town of bagpipers. The legendary figure of Svanda the Bagpiper and the long-standing tradition of bagpipers are supported and carried on by new generations of young musicians. This creates a special atmospehere in which regular meetings of bagpipers can perfectly flourish. 
Each festival season is an ideal opportunity to bring together ensembles and individual artists presenting the bagpipe either in its original design or in its various reshapings and replicas, often in the connection with other folk music instruments. They play for listening and dancing thus giving rise to an uprecedented atmospehere. Every two years thousands of spectators visit Strakonice coming from the Czech Republic and abroad. Despite the language barrier, the amalgamationg element between the visitors and the performers is their love for traditon and folk art supporting the sense of togetherness and friendship. With open arms Strakonice will embrace every visitor  to the International Bagpipe Festival (IBF).